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Biz Bundle!

Grab everything you need to build your business from the get-go – trust us – this is the bundle you need to start with!

This Biz Bundle includes our most popular items:

Trifolds (set of 25), Essentially Everything Handbook (2 included!) and our 50 sheet information tear pad

Diffuser Recipe Post Cards

A set of {12} Diffuser Recipe Post Cards.

Send a Diffuser Recipe post card to any of your new enrollees and see their love of the oils soar! Simple combinations that will inspire them to open ever bottle in their kit and try new things.

Welcome! Post Cards

​You’ll get 12 Welcome! postcards in this set.

Grab a set of our Welcome! postcards so you have a great way to follow up with your recent kit sale and celebrate the start of their oily journey!

Tasty Treats Post Cards

​You’ll get a {12} “Tasty Treats” postcards in this set.

Our “Tasty Treats” postcards will inspire all your oilers to break out the good stuff and start using! Keep some on hand to help re-infuse the oily love!

Hello Post Cards

​You’ll get {12} Hello… postcards in this set.

Hello… we’ve missed you! Use these postcards to bring an oiler back! Great to have nearby mid-month when you notice someone might be going inactive.

Essential Rewards Post Cards

Set of {12} Essential Rewards postcards in this set.

Ready to invite your oilers to enjoy the benefits of ER? This postcard will help you out! It quickly and clearly explains the benefit of joining Essential Rewards.

DIY Post Cards

In this set you’ll get {12} Do It Yourself postcards.

Once your oiler gets their kit – they might think “what next?!” This postcard will inspire them to use their kit oils in different ways – with easy to follow, fun recipes!

Stay Connected Postcard Set

​You’ll get {12} postcards in all – 2 each of 6 designs!

​A set of six designs to help you stay connected – welcome your new oil lovers, remind them about ER, check-in on them, offer up some DIY – basically – be the best you can be with a little help from us 🙂

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